"Clothes should be flattering, interesting and uncomplicated"

Our mission is to cultivate continuity and to establish a rapport with our customer by moving beyond fleeting trends, creating quality apparel with lasting appeal. kaj ani collections embody polished sophistication and youthful exuberance resulting in beautiful clothes that enhance personal style. I want every piece to feel special and to serve you well. I love creating clothes that have lasting appeal. This is about ethical and sustainable fashion-for-keeps.

 Inspired by the unique and individual beauty of women, kaj ani is truly a labor of love. The design process begins first by fabric inspiration and by asking what intelligent, creative women will enjoy wearing. Beautiful, luxurious fabrics are used to create modern, feminine silhouettes that are smart, sexy and look easily pulled together. I love the craft, the intimacy and the connection with people wearing what we have created. Manufactured locally, using fair labor practices and new and existing materials from all over the globe. There's a desire to live in a world where things are not so easily tossed away. We like the idea of breaking with the rules a bit, trying to slow down the fashion machine. A few new pieces a year may be all you need to refresh or restyle your wardrobe. We endeavor to promote conscious commerce.

Designing has been a lifelong passion. My love of making beautiful, useful things, has been an evolutionary process since childhood and continues to evolve. We all need beauty in our life. Beautiful is useful. I hope you love wearing it as much as we love making it.


Ani Kiramichyan is the creator and founder of kajanistudio and kaj.ani apparel. She graduated form FIT in New York, where she received a critic’s award. Later she received an Innovative Designer Award from Cotton Inc. for a kaj.ani collection. She now has an extensive background in fashion design and manufacturing.