FASHION SHMASHION — Part 1 — 2nd Edition

Faves From Fashion-Weeks — Runways & Street-Style

Take Summer Into Fall — Style Inspiration & Ideas

Could You Be A Glamorous Eccentric? — To Ponder For Our Next Issue…

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As I begin to compose this issue, let me tell you — it's been HOT! It was over a 100 degrees (F) earlier this week in LA … I want to be in my swimsuit and at the beach, instead of planning my fall wardrobe, even though it'll be cool enough in about a month. Q: How many of you still plan their wardrobes — seasonally or otherwise?

This whole ‘seasonless' fashion we’ve been talking about for the last 3 years has some serious legs, it’s a 'thing'. So much so that big names in the industry are jumping on the bandwagon — to make this ‘thing’ more relevant (Burberry is just one). This is why we (@kajanistudio) do light capsule collections with a few special pieces to ‘fill-in’ with your existing wardrobe. It makes perfect sense, costs less money, and lends itself more toward conscious commerce and sustainability.

Now, I’m sure most of you are aware that fashion-weeks have been happening across the globe, some are still going on — maybe too may, I can’t tell. — There are a plethora of style and fashion images to look through and maybe decide what you like, what you don’t, do you even care.

If you do care — stay with me for some recaps on what I mentioned above. Collections, street-style, eccentricity (this will be a bigger topic in a later issue, so think about what it means to you, we shall discuss, cause it’s fun!), and wardrobe planning — in the way of taking some favorite summer items into fall ... maybe that beloved dress you don’t want to put away yet. I might be able to show you how to “Fallify” (new word) those pieces, now and later on. Street-Style pics were full of this Summer-Fall inspiration, too.

I’m still looking through the many collections ... deciding what I love ... wishing the models looked a bit more cheerful, less morose, thinking fashion should be fun, no?  Here’s what I enjoyed — mind you I have not yet seen everything, nor is there room to cover it all here — there may be more in 2-weeks. I haven't even seen Valentino, or Westwood...

*Let me say right off the bat that I love loved Etro! — Gorgeous fabrics, gorgeous dresses, fashion for keeps.

*A bit of Prada — maybe not the resurgence of those ’90’s prints, but some structured pieces and the flowy-floaty silhouettes, sans too many feathers.

*Missoni was light and fun and boho-pretty — smile girls! (Didn't love that extra tiny bikini)

*I really liked Burberry — usually do, and this time did not disappoint. Layers, loungy, seasonless.

*Of course I love the magic that is Dolce & Gabbana — I want to play with those clothes. 

*Also liked Tory Burch’s collection — pretty, boho, practical, fun. (some ‘similar’ items to our Liberty blouses and dresses.)

*Yes! I still liked Gucci - it is consistently and inconsistently fabulous under this new designer, not every piece of course, but still yes. Often, these storied houses turn out better collections with lesser known designers rather than the celebrity variety. *PS — as fabulous as they may be at first glance, beware of overly novelty pieces, lest you spend a fortune and get tired of the purchase in regret. (That goes double for gross fast-fashion.)

*Really liked the lovely, freewheeling, yet modern, styles at Chloe

*Naturally, I loved Dries! (Van Noten) Always a major fave, the proportions, the fabrics, the prints were fabulous.

*I did like Dior — under the direction of the new (female) designer. It was romantic and modern and lovely, albeit too big of a collection. About a third could have been edited out and it would still be wonderful.

*I did not love YSL under this new designer, not yet, nor did I love it under the previous one ... haven’t in quite some time. But I know it will again find its footing and become fabulous, they are big shoes to fill.

*Did not like the ‘bejewled’ Crocs at London Fashion-Week — If you like this look, buy a plain pair and DIY. Also didn’t love all the sourpuss models, why do they look so unhappy on those runways? — Are they just hungry or is fashion in a perpetual bad mood? Note to fashion-show stagers, scary (hungy or unhappy) looking models do not inspire people toward fashion love.

There are a LOT of collections still to see ... If I haven’t mentioned them, either I have not seen them or did not like them. You can do your own perusing and tell us here what you loved or hated, too. Would love to know what you guys think. I will cover more fashion-week presentations in the next issue as well.

*The Little Black Dress — the always classic, is resurging on the streets of Paris. To me, it is essentially seasonless and timeless (I’m sure I’m not alone). I don’t love all of them them here, but some are really great, see pic of my favorite one. And in the next issue I will say more about the LBD, like how to take these light little dresses into fall-winter.

*Street-Style from Milano Fashion-Week — Looking more authentic these days, with a spattering of contrived looks. Some of these marvelous get-ups may also give you good inspiration on how to take Summer into Fall. As you can also plainly see, there are no fashion-rules, just style; both of the personal and the paid for variety.

Now, Summer into Fall — Styling Inspiration I hope you can use.  I LOVE transitional clothes purely for practical reasons, but I also think that there’s no need to stow away some warm weather favorites just because Fall-Fashion is here. So here are some tips — there will also be more in the next issue. Do let me know how you like these and what you want to wear, or keep wearing. I can help! It's why I’m making this a 2-parter. Next issue I’ll cover more ideas, perhaps even beyond that...

*One of my most favorite ways to do a summer-fall combo is to wear light, silk or cotton, print dresses, especially maxi styles, with fall-winter coats, maybe belted. It looks so dashing and romantic. To make it even warmer, add a little cardigan under the coat. (Vogue covered this idea recently.) You can do it with other dress lengths if you get the proportions and fabric combos right.

*Since thigh high boots are oh so hot again — wear your summer minis, dresses and skirts, with tall boots and a ‘throw-on’ kind of little jacket in leather, quilted, wool, etc. You get the message, right?  Also loving dresses over pants, just be sure to get the proportions right, (this is tricky for short gals, like me) make sure the dress isn’t too long. Either at calf length, just below knee, or above, depending on your height — a wrap style is perfect for this kind of look, which we’ll get more into next time.

Now, allow me to demonstrate here a couple of possible options on how to mix it up and put it together.

1.  Solid Maxi Dress or Print Maxi Dress + Coat + Belt (+ loafers or boots + scarf) = Fabulous

2.  Tunic-Mini-Dress + Quilty Jacket or Leather Jacket (+ tall boots + dangly earrings + scarf) = Fabulous

Are these combos glamorously eccentric, you may ask — yes! Because you’ll be marching to the beat of your own style drum. These are merely suggestions (though there is never a bad time to have something fabulous made-to-order, because you'll wear it for a long time) ... feel free to mix it up, ask questions, make suggestions of your own — it’s a dialogue after all. We’ll get more into all this in future issues.

OK, this was a long one — plenty of take-aways and inspiration to hold you all, I hope, until the next issue, 2-weeks from now. Do feel free to share this with friends, comment below, and let’s have some convos.

Ciao! & Enjoy!