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            Wishing it were you floating in the sea, eating spaghetti and drinking wine? —

It's been a hot-busy-fun summer, so far, and I aim to give you a quick glance of the last month and a half or so. As every so often, I like to update you, our lovely readers and wearers of kaj.ani, on what I’ve been up to ... contemplating, working on, going, doing, wearing, etc. I will try not to prattle on too long. + I’ll be taking a short fashion-hiatus after the next couple weeks - returning after the 1st week of September. I hope to return rested, recharged, and inspired to create some new pieces for kaj.ani. Maybe I'll do a short travel diary about what I did and where I went. I also want you guys to chime in and let me know what you feel like wearing. What are you in the mood for? 

BTW — If you like this blog and know of others who might — please share it (then tell me). I want more readers to get aquatinted with our (slow-fashion) style journey and participate in the dialogue. Your loyalty will be rewarded — thanks!

So here’s what I’ve been up to — Week at a glance, during a month or so.

After what appeared to be an agonizingly slow and (wtf) stressful 2016 … things began to finally pick up, in a more desirable fashion, in the second half of this year. Thank goodness! I was going bananas trying to solve problems and stay calm, trying to learn SEO and other technical things. (What you do when you don’t have marketing or PR people. — ‘Everything I need comes to me, and without pain’ — Thanks, Rumi, that’s been my new mantra.

Average Monday-Tuesday: Check emails and messages over coffee (breakfast). Prepare to pack up and ship any orders, that came in the Friday before or over the weekend, that aren’t made-to-order, but are in stock ready to go. Change into walking clothes, take walk, drop off packages at USPS. Read newsletters, write notes on ideas, plan schedule for rest of week. Clear cutting table, prep to begin any made-to-order pieces. Have a quick bite and afternoon break. Change clothes (if I remember). Post something on SM pages: interesting articles, shop-faves, anything inspiring or newsworthy. Preparing to make a custom order, measure and layout fabric, sort pattern, sizing, etc. Message customer with any necessary updates or questions. Later, clear kitchen … get inspired to make dinner. Honey comes home from work, tired, hungry, while I'm preparing dinner. Have some wine, eat, talk, maybe watch a movie … exciting stuff and I love it.

*Wearing: walking clothes in the morning (yoga pants, tee, sneakers), maybe change into jeans (or sarong/skirt) and tee in the afternoon.

Midweek Beach-Day! — The best time to go (honey has hump-days off), but not until morning errands are complete. Grocery shopping and packing up for day at beach … throw on swimsuit and cover, go pick up Sis and niece, head to beach. It’s our special weekly summer ritual, especially when my sister is here from SF for a nice long visit.  Head to Malibu ... swim, sun, talk, read, munch on summer fruit ... while Paul balances rock sculptures and builds sand castles with niece — take pictures. Early evening, throw something over swimsuit, head over to Reel Inn for dinner (pick your fish) and toast this lovely summer. Do it again next week and on… 

*Wearing: bikini, sarong and tee, or jersey tank dress, or cover tunic, flip-flops, big sun hat.

Beach fun — followed by dinner fun


Average Thursday-Friday: Much like Monday-Tuesday morning — breakfast-emails-walk, sm posts. Afternoon, work at cutting table, begin newest made-to-order item, get it cut and assembled, ready for sewing. This can take 1-day or more — depending on the level of detail and labor, and if there are other tasks (and orders) to manage as well. Call to arrange pick-up or drop-off with one of my wonderfully skilled sample makers (sewers). If time, work on blog notes and ideas. In-between lunch break, change from ‘walking’ clothes into atelier uniform of sarong and tank or ‘green’ jeans and tee and flip-flops.  Evening dinner prep — maybe a mixed veg salad and lamb burgers. Honey is home. Eat, drink, talk … maybe movie… 

Unless there’s some evening thing happening, like drinks with friends, or family birthday dinner for my sister, or like last Friday — met Sis at HaHa comedy club in NoHo for drinks — listen to 5 male comics talk about their observations-hopes-dreams-neuroses and make you laugh out loud. I highly recommend this, after all, laughter is the best medicine + it helps to have some tequila (with guac and chips:-)

*WearingLittle black silk mini-dresssandals, shawl, for going out. Liberty-print swing skirt, black knit tank, black sandals, for family dinner, al-fresco.

Work in progress on the cutting table — custom orders of Liberty-print pieces — Quilt-waist dirndl skirt & Kimono wrap-dress.

Saturday: Try to sleep till 9…maybe, skip morning walk. After breakfast, to put some work into the next blog issue — sometimes I’m inspired, sometimes I procrastinate, or think what I want to ramble on about will not be as interesting to others as it is to me … sometimes it flows, other times I fake it till I make it, writing-wise. Will work until late afternoon if nothing else is happening, then go to LACMA concert, for which I'll pack a picnic — we eat a lot of salami this time of year.

*Occasionally there’s a ‘ladies luncheon’ (me, sis, cousin, nieces), not a weekly event. When we do, it’s so fun and worth blowing off work for, as it takes almost all day. Our last lunch-brunch thing started at The Hart and The Hunter, so yum! Then we took a stroll, then coffee and desert on Larchmont* Mostly we go to the ‘Latin Sounds’ outdoor evening concerts at LACMA — meet up with friends, family, whoever feels like joining — share food and wine, chill in the park with some good music … people linger till about 8-ish.

*Wearing: my fave Liberty-print maxi dress and sandals (for our ladies lunch), this works for morning to evening outings (events). If just going to concert in park, then a simple sun-dress, or baggy jeans and kaj.ani top, or bodysuit and Liberty-print sarong and sandals — see pic for outfit idea. This is great vacation wear, too.

Sunday: Pancakes for breakfast with my honey, it’s our Sunday ritual. Then, Farmer’s Market! — I try to never miss it, otherwise I get depressed — I love all the local farmers and all the beautiful produce and other goodies offered up, like fish, pastured eggs and meats, flowers, and so on… After a little clean-up or any other necessary errands, an afternoon siesta (nap). Maybe some light work, if there’s a blog issue to post, like now. Maybe we grill some veggies and meat for dinner, then watch a movie. Maybe friends are in town — like a few weeks ago — then we go out for a late lunch, followed by a nap, then stay in ... talking and drinks. Or dinner out with loved ones — last Sunday we went to The Old Place for the first time. I highly recommend it for the experience and location alone, the food is good too. 

*Wearing: baggy jeans and tee, for market, or jersey tank dress, sunhat, for day. For dinner out, super-light, gossamer silk dress, sandals, hat, shown below. (This dress is sold out, but there’s a little fabric for made-to-order.)

Waiting for our table at The Old Place

Waiting for our table at The Old Place

Liberty-Print Ruffle-Edged Maxi  — my fave dress right now

Liberty-Print Ruffle-Edged Maxi — my fave dress right now

  Wearing vintage kaj.ani bodysuit, new kaj.ani Liberty-Print Sarong, Nikola Sandals, sun hat

 Wearing vintage kaj.ani bodysuit, new kaj.ani Liberty-Print Sarong, Nikola Sandals, sun hat

And this has essentially been our summer, so far. Mostly a nice combo of work and fun ... some unwelcome stress.  — Trying to get inspired about making (adding) new items to our repertoire. Not sure yet what those pieces will be ... but am excited about some new fabrics I’ve been looking at — getting ideas for some transitional pieces.

We make what I call ‘fashion-for-keeps’, we don’t do seasonal collections, but add small capsule groups and pieces that you can order regularly and wear for a long time, integrating them with your existing wardrobe. Do feel free to let me know what you’re longing to wear, are in the mood for, want to add to your wardrobe mix. I’m hoping to get some ideas down in the next few weeks and have some concrete designs to create sometime soon … maybe more inspiration will come while I take a short vacation.

Since there will not be a new blog issue until maybe mid September, I want to leave you with some more inspiration. I’ll return with a travel diary and more fashion ideas. For now, here are some wonderful images from Copenhagen Street-Style. I love all the variety of styles, no rules, lots of big clothes, long and short, tight and loose. It’s much cooler temps there and it reflects in the less summery apparel, but it’s inspiring, fun, beautiful, creative. My fave looks are #15, 20, 21, 23, 35, 45, 49. — I’m seriously loving all the (long-big-loose) dresses (and pants) the most. — Let me know what y’all are loving, here.

The Best Street Style From Copenhagen Fashion Week


Alright, I hope this will tide you guys over until I a few weeks. If you have not yet read our Summer-Series check them out, there’s good stuff. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks always for tuning in.

Here’s to a magical remainder of summer (about 4+ weeks) and a fabulous start to fall — Ciao!