Be A Vision In White — Even If You’re Not The Bride

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  I’m not going to ask — Are you ready for the beach (or summer)? — I gave you so many fabulous summer essentials in the last two issues, you should be well covered. And I may give you a few more style tips as summer goes on…it's a long season. *This issue is about wedding fashion, fabulous summer whites and lovely hats to go with them. + Some bonus stuff — below.


Summer Whites — Bridal & Beyond

 It's that special time where everything in white looks extra lovely and shines like a bright color. It’s also when many weddings tend to happen. I think it is a perfect opportunity, as the bride, to wear something more relaxed, less structured, more easy-breezy — maybe even in cotton eyelet fabrics. This works especially well if any portion of the wedding is outside, the ceremony, the reception, or both. Think how lovely a white cotton eyelet dress will look at a (non-fussy) garden or beach wedding — either on the Bride or on the bridesmaids. This type of dress will look fabulous at pretty much any special occasion as well. That’s the beauty of summer-whites, they are so versatile. I believe you can wear white to a wedding if you’re not the bride, as long as you’re not competing with what the bride is wearing. (If you’re not sure, ask. Get a sense of the tone of the wedding party.)

 If a cotton dress is far too casual for you, consider a lovely ivory lace number with a ruffled-boho-style, like in the photo above. (We’ve never met a ruffle we didn’t like - say the gals at MR.) Or maybe a short 1960s inspired style, the most favorited dress in our shop. Perfect if you love to show some leg. More ideas to explore below…

Beyond-bridal whites — I call them everyday clothes, elevated. Imagine walking into ... anyplace, wearing something spectacular in white ... I say spectacular because most others won't be wearing white, and you'll have selected to wear something in a really great fabric, (not a tee shirt, if you get my drift). It can be causual or dressy (you or the event), but you will be a standout nonetheless. Be it for a party, to the office, on holiday (vacation), for any occasion or non-occasion —  whites just look so wonderful now.

 So consider it — fear not — even just one piece to get the hang of wearing white.  If you’ve been afraid to before, you will feel special. I promise. Maybe start with a pretty skirt that works with a lot of your simple tops, or a blouse that looks great with your jeans, like the one shown above — then you can transition into a dress…or two.

 This is also a perfect time to don some fabulous summer hats. Somtimes I love vintage ones (in good condition), more. Suffice it to say that I am a summer-hat lover! — I cannot do without them. They shield my face perfectly, saving me from having to constantly slather on gunky sunscreen and they make almost any outfit look more chic and fun. I love vintage hats and these guys, Edamamacita on Etsy, have some good ones, like the Straw-Porkpie shown above — larger brim ones are my fave.


Flashback: As my partner and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary this year...I never thought, back then, that I’d be making wedding dresses for other brides, (it seemed so fussy and complicated to do bridal), even though I made my own wedding dress. It was a clean, slightly minimalist, renaissance inspired empire-waist style dress in silk shantung, lined in cotton — for a hot-humid, outdoor summer wedding party. At the time there was so much to do that it was a little stressful finding time to fit myself close to the date. I was doing so many other things … by the wedding day, my dress was slightly big. I had lost a little weight without noticing, but there was nothing I could do about it then — just laugh it off and get married. (It was laid-back and everyone had a ball!)

Over the years I’ve had occasional ideas for wedding dresses, but never did anything about it. I would always think how needlessly fussy weddings and wedding dresses are, and how most dresses looked uncomfortable. I always thought things should be a little easier in the bridal department … low and behold, things have shifted a bit in that direction.

The dresses I design have that easier feel, but keep the specialness of handmade-to-order, and you don't have to stuff yourslef into them. — They are romantic, pretty, modern and comfortable. They’re not overly complicated and do not require insane fittings, most of the time. Two of my favorites are the Swingy 1950s style (reminds me of a modified Dior), and the Glam Empire-Tank style.

I had this crazy idea that maybe some of these dresses can even be worn beyond the wedding day...with some alterations. Why not? Of course this idea is not for everyone, but it’s out there for your consideration. (Alternate fabrics and some customization are available, for made-to-order, upon inquiry.)

Note: Summer Wedding Season goes through September, ends in October. Also, because summer is not a particularly busy time in fashion, we have shorter lead-times to MAKE your wedding dresses — what normally takes 6 to 8 weeks, will now take us about 4-weeks — depending on fabric selection, customization, etc. Something to consider…

As always, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Are you a lover of whites — Are you getting hitched anytime soon? Do you have any questions? — Feel free to ask away! And if I haven’t said it already, happy summer! I shall see you in 2-weeks.


Bonus: Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour swap lives … A funny for the July Vogue issue.



What Are You Wearing


I Love getting photos of YOU wearing our creations! — The fabulous Katie Keating of Fancy, NYC, (on the left) wearing our sparkle-dotted Tunic Mini-Dress at an industry event.




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