Summer Beach Reads + Some Tips On How To Keep Your Cool


It’s H O T — Let’s make it as fun as we can — Summer series continues

(+ The usual bonus of questions, inspiration and humor)

We’re talking books — my recommendations and a few others. How to stay cool in 90+ degree weather — some handy style tips. + Artists that inspire & How copycats can suck. And that should do it for round 4 of our summer installments. There are more coming, trust!


Summer Reading  — Light, Funny, Mysterious, Serious and In Between — Here’s 11.

Books I have read and am recommending.

  • Barrel Fever - Because it’s David Sedaris, and I think this is his funniest book. I've read almost all of them.

  • A Walk In the Woods - Because you’ll learn a lot and you'll laugh. And if you’ve never read Bill Bryson, this is an excellent place to start. (I also love - In a Sunburned Country)

  • Nasty - My Family and Other Glamorous Varmints - Because it’s Simon Doonan. He's so very witty, spins some good, humorous, familial yarn, plus style tips.

  • The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton’s best — if you love a good tale, this will suck you in and keep you riveted. It would make a great film.

  • A Devil In Paradise - If you’ve never read Henry Miller’s lesser known books, this is a good story about an ungrateful guest — setting is Big Sur, Ca.

  • The Rise & Fall of Great Powers - No, it’s not a political drama, but a uniquely interesting story of fiction by a uniquely interesting writer, Tom Rachman.

Books I have not read, but am going to, soon.

  • The Girl On The Train - It looks so darn riveting ... friends have said how good it is, the movie is coming, and I want to read it before then.

  • Eccentric Glamour - Because reading Simon Doonan is always fun + bonus style-tips.

Books others have recommended.

  • Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything? - When Celebrity Culture and Science Clash - Because it sounds funny … and informative.

  • Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend - This came from my bff ... about a boy who's a little different than others. Did any of you have imaginary friends in childhood...or now? I did, a whole group, and my niece does too.

  • Liberty for Women - Freedom and Feminism in the 21st Century - A little controversial, mostly interesting and vauable, certainly not typical thought ... Wendy McElroy is an intelligent and fascinating woman, as are the other contributors. - 'The contributors to this important new collection offer a vision of contemporary feminism that runs counter to and goes beyond the dominant attitudes of the feminist orthodoxy.'

How To Keep Your Cool — Try these ideas — Very few product links this time, I’m going to encourage you to use your wonderful imagination and ask questions...

  • Sarong! I have already (many times) sang the praises of sarongs and really feel that they’re indispensable items in summer. And it’s not just for the beach or pool. Read on…and see below for many ways to wear.

  • Keep your big-brim summer hat on hand to keep the blazing sun off your face. I love the kind you can fold and put in your bag. I gave you links and tips on this in the last 3 blog issues — check them out*

  • Have on hand a small scarf or kerchief or bandana — fold and twist into a headband like shape — tie from under your head toward the top, with a knot in top of your head, tuck in the knot — to keep hair off your neck and face. You can also lightly dampen said scarf and stick it in the freezer for a bit to add extra coolness to your head. Bonus: it works around your neck and wrist and can provide coolness at pulse points. Perhaps a Liberty-Print skinny scarf will work just as well*

  • Have a small spritzer of water (or essential oil infused water) in the fridge at all times — take it with you when you go out. It provides hydration and refreshment to hot and bothered skin. Try the small Evian containers for face misting, at Sephora, or a Lavender Facial Mist.

  • Minimal make-up. Wear as little make-up as possible, just some tinted moisturizer with SPF, if you can, and a hint of lip color. Because summer heat and full make-up are not a great combo. It’s my theory that make-up actually makes your face hotter and stickier. Less make-up can be very liberating  (speaking from experience). PS - Instead of antiperspirant try cornstarch, it works fairly well, sans the questionable chemicals. Be sure it's pure conrnstarch. Also works to absorb excess moisture form slightly sweaty hair. You know what I'm talking about ... our hair (scalp) can get a bit of summer-heat sweat, it can be annoying when you've already washed your hair then step out into the heat and voila, sweaty hair. Wait a few minutes...sprinkle a little cornstarch into your hands, rub together gently, then rub into your hair at the roots. Your hair will feel a lot less damp and gross. I think it's better than dry shampoo, just make sure all the whiteness is well distributed and absorbed.

  • OK, this might seem very controversial, but it appears that it is now acceptable to wear socks with sandals — not kidding. And I’m not talking the granola look of Birkenstocks (although that’s ok too, even a little trendy). I’m talking about socks with cute-sexy sandals, flats and heels. Yes, you can wear little ankle socks with those fave sandals to keep your feet from blistering in the heat, so don't be afraid to do it. If you hate this idea ... might I suggest wearing the softest most comfortable summer shoes you can find, likely without heels, at least during the day. 

  • Lastly, besides plenty of water, drink lovely, organic, herbal ice teas — hydrating and full of anti-oxidants + they’re yummy. Make your own special mixes with lemon, cucumber, watermelon, or whatever else you like, and take it with you, (save money = bonus).


In addition to this handy diagram, you can also wear your sarong ‘city-style’ with a shirt, belt, and sandals. With a boy-short and simple tank, you can wear it like a strapless dress — so chic and sexy*

*If you don’t have a Sarong yet … we’re making them now in Liberty-prints … seriously, what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect thing to own for summer — it works as a scarf, shawl, skirt, turban, even a strapless dress — for goodness sake! (We’ll make you one in a few days and ship it to you where you live.) Feel free to ask us about it … or wait for the next issue, we’ll have an official link to buy.

These are all 5 Liberty-London prints we’re making the sarongs in. It will measure 34” inches long by 53” inches wide. We can also customize it to your specs whenever possible.

Don't let SUMMER make you crazy —  kick it in the nuts and have fun!                                                              

I hope our Summer-Essentials series will guide you, inspire you, make you laugh. Have you read them all? 

Bonus Video> Remember to laugh...


— Bonuses —

I fell in love with this artist’s photographs and her project — The Atlas of Beauty a project by Mihaela Noroc. 

“I photograph women around the planet and I’m amazed every day. Let the world know that diversity is our greatest treasure.” - Video Here

Ok, are you guys dying over her fabulousness or is it just me?

AND > What Is The Real Cost of Copycats — Most people wear knock-offs without ever really giving it much thought, because copying in fashion is a given. There’s nothing we can do about it, but speaking from experience, it does not feel very good for the designer/artisan being copied, especially by the fast and cheap crowd. Creatively inspiring one another in an industry or field can be a great thing … after all, nothing is really all that original anymore … but straight-up copying an artisan or designer solely for financial gain is gross and uncreative and just fuels (an unethical slave labor market) unsustainable fast-fashion. #FoodForThought

Modern fast fashion behemoths like Zara and H&M have built global empires by offering cheap copies of high-end fashion.” — Let me say that it’s NOT just the big designers that are copied, very often it’s the little guys (like us). We have no recourse and a loss of business. — “Do knockoffs harm the fashion business? Or does copying keep the wheels of the industry turning?” — Both, because it’s not that simple an answer. So the better question would be; just what kind of ‘wheels’ are turning in the industry?

Check out Business Of Fashion - Copycats


Okay — Ladies & Gents — that’s it for this issue. As always, I love it when you engage, that way I know what’s on your mind … so ask me anything. And I shall see you here in 2-weeks with more summery stuff…