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DIY Denim — Spring Dress-A-Thon Continues — As does your discount!
      (A Video Message + Fashion The Year You Were Born)

Left panel: Keith Haring - Untitled 1984.    Right Panel: Keith Haring - Untitled 1983.   Center photography by Loren Philip

Left panel: Keith Haring - Untitled 1984.    Right Panel: Keith Haring - Untitled 1983.   Center photography by Loren Philip

FASHION — after all, is a form of self expression — let’s make it GOOD. Also, there's something about warmer weather that makes you want to own something new, pretty and fun.

DIY — Demin lovers, unite! — This segment is especially good for crafty-creative types, even (kind of) punk-rock types … heck, just about anyone can do this thing in one form or another, if they wanted to. So, this isinspired by a recent Vogue post, (plus, earlier this year I had seen another fashion-post about a much ballyhooed Marc Jacobs denim jacket, as a must have item, going for like $995 bucks), where I thought — once again — what a perfect DIY project! Here’s a picture, the link and some tips, so you can see for yourself just how do-able this is.

DIY Denim

DIY Denim

The year’s coolest denim (apparently worth over a grand, seriously!)

Keith Haring - Untitled 1985

Keith Haring - Untitled 1985

I’m loving Keith Haring inspired ideas — but feel free to use whatever kinds of styles you love.

Get Inspired, denim lovers, then do this.

  1.  Scour your local Goodwill and other such thrift stores — in search of some decent vintage pieces you can customize to make your own — bonus, no one else will have one like it! (Jackets, pants, etc.) Maybe you already own some old denim pieces you can work with.

  2.  Head to your local craft store for supplies for this masterpiece you’re about to create. Get fabric paint, stencils (if you’re not a free-hander), spay-paint, studs, sparkles, glitter, whatever you like.

  3.  Try the piece on in order to get an idea of where you want your art-work to go, legs, arms, back, pockets, etc.

  4.  Come up with some art-work to put on said denim, draw it our on paper first so you get an idea of what it’ll look like. Trace or draw the art onto your denim with pencil or pen, lightly, for placement.

  5.  Pick your colors, then go to town on that denim! Make it yours. Let dry — then wear and enjoy. Et voila!

                                         Spring Dress-A-Thon — Go on, get one, already!

Did you LOVE the 7-day 7-dress selection from the last post? Did you get yourself a new dress ... or are on the verge of doing so? Well, I love dresses, as do countless others, often they are the perfect and easy thing to wear and I want to encourage more women to wear them more often. *Plus, the warmer weather makes you want to own something new and fresh, after months of gloomy cold, you totally deserve to. As the world feels new and green again, here are 4-more fresh picks + a couple of archive bargains (below) that you should grab if they’re your size — seriously. Order now and have it in a few weeks — wear all spring-summer and into fall. Remember your shop-discount for 20% off code: DRESS20 (just for dresses).

*BONUS — when you subscribe to & share the blog, you get another 20% off discount-code to use all year on anything you want — that’s right! (We’ll email you the shop-code.) Current subscribers, ask us how to get your bonus discount. We're happy to oblige anyone who gives us a hand.


Liberty Shirtdress — Perfect for weekends, outings, office — change up your shoes to make more dressy or casual. Cover up with a light cardigan, blazer, denim jacket, or shawl.


New Keyhole-Maxi—Perfect for a weekend date, summer cocktail parties, posh picnics, vacations, etc. Best with sandals, flats, mid-heel pumps. Cover up with shawl, cropped jacket, cardigan. We also make this style in all the Liberty prints, and we can make it shorter if you like.

Liberty Kimono Dress — Great for the office, perfect for dates, outings and vacations. Wear with or without the obi-belt. Polished with pumps, more casual with sandals, even great with strappy heels. Cover up with shawl or a little jacket.


Liberty Ruffle-Edged Maxi —  excellent party dress, very boho-sexy, day or evening. Dressier with beaded obi, more casual without — keep shoes simple with slip-ons, or strappy sandals, flats are best. Cover up with light cardigan, little jacket, or shawl. (If you like the keyhole style more, go for it)

Two Archive Bargains You’ll Wear Forever … or just about.

Green Silk Sheath — goes effortlessly from office to party, day to evening, spring or fall — wear to work with fitted blazer, cardigan, pumps, boots — then wear for evening with heels, flats, shawls, denim jacket — you’re golden. (There’s only one in size small and it’s a screaming bargain at $85 bucks!)



Striped Silk V-Dress — this sweet crepe de chine number is full of charm and beautiful details (the flower pins are removable) — wear to work with a little blazer and pumps (or flats) — wear on a date, or to a party, with some strappy shoes, a shawl, denim jacket, cardigan. Now right into fall. (Only one, $105 an absolute steal!)


If after all this you’re still not a dress person ... I’ll guide to a couple of great tops & shirts to wear with your jeans, (in an upcoming post issue) ok? -- Plus, you can still use the shop-discount code for any item you wish. (Easy 20% Off just for Signing-up & Sharing)

Video Message:  — Let’s make 2016 another year we get closer to conscious consumerism and loving kindness. I know it’s not easy, but with some practice it can be easier. It’s like asking; would I prefer to go to McDonalds all the time, or to a nice restaurant once a month? More often than not it’s about patience, mindfulness, values, preferences, less about affordability than one might think. (1 great meal vs. a lot of cheap ones — one great handmade garment vs. a lot of fast fashion — what are we investing in?) Every purchase is a vote and your apparel should cost more than your lunch. Not always an easy choice, but well worth it in terms of global & local good.

Take A Trip Down Fashion-History Lane: What People Were Wearing the Year You Were Born

PS — Soon I’m going to a do a segment about food ... in some capacity. About the enjoyment of eating (real food), the bonus of nutrition, treating your skin right with foods, places I love to dine, what to wear when there, etc. — maybe even a recipe or something, but for now that’s all she wrote.

Hint: if there's a topic you'd like to read about in these posts, let me know.

Happy Dressing! —  See you all in two weeks — Ciao!

keith Haring - Untitled 1981

keith Haring - Untitled 1981