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Do Beautiful Clothes Make The world Go Round?

Saying goodbye to Downton Abbey

Saying goodbye to Downton Abbey


(Wrap-Up Fashion-Month + Farewell To Downton + Mood Change + Must-Have Dress)

Beauty Is Truth, Truth Beauty” said Keats. So, Can Beauty Heal? Perhaps. Is it true that—when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you look good? Much of the time, I’d venture to say, yes. Fashion is self expression, but beauty is so much more than fashion, beautiful clothes are more than just fashion, too. — Beautiful is useful. I know I’m philosophizing, but hear me out. (Not talking about pretty girls in fashion mags, movies, media.) Beauty does the heart and soul good, in so many ways, on so many levels, we need beauty. The beauty of one's soul, the beauty that surrounds you, the beauty of objects, etc. ... Beautiful clothes are an extension of the very beauty we (humans) need in our lives. It takes up good space and it helps us feel good. Therefore it can, and often does, have the power to heal. So there it is — Yes, Beautiful is Useful. (Like our campaign said, a while back.)

OK, let’s talk fashion-shows, Downton, changes, clothes … more b e a u t y.

Saying goodbye to Downton Abbey — I don’t know what I’ll miss most. — The CLOTHES! For goodness sake, I don’t think a program/film/show has ever had so much beauty with which to captivate me totally … I mean, pure gorgeousness, at every turn! My eyes experienced so much joy, and thus my heart did as well. Mamma Mia - talk about getting dressed! I often wish that life was such that I could wear these things today. But it wasn’t just the glorious clothes, and that’s saying a lot. The spectacular story-line, the superb characters, the wonderful acting I can go on and on… I’m certain you may know that millions of viewers felt this way. I will miss it so, and it’s another goodbye that makes me sad. And the one character I shall miss most of all is the Dowager Countess. How perfectly marvelous this character, and Maggie Smith. There was something extremely special about this show that satisfied on every level. *The Rules of Style according to Downton — Always dress for dinner. Always dress for breakfast. Always dress for luncheon. Always dress for any occasion, location or outing—period. (Kind of makes these days quite underwhelming, no?) — I will leave it there and give you some fab links to explore.

Some Deliciousness from the Downton finale> Masterpiece Theater/ Downton Abbey.

+ Fabulous photos> vanityfair.com/downton abbey fashion

A mood of change is in the air, you may know, with all things fashion (industry). People are trying to figure out which way to zig and which way to zag … what’s right, what’s wrong, when to show, what to hold back, etc. The answers, I feel, are mostly individual, or should be. Because fashion-rules are changing, trends becoming passe, because there are fewer rules and more rule breakers, apparently. There's no need to follow a herd mentality. We must judge what is best on a more case-by-case level, rather than waiting for a collective decision to come. Some have patience, some want it NOW, but instant gratification can be overrated. In my opinion, we can all wait a bit and be more thoughtful. Patience is a virtue, after all, lest we all lose our collective attention spans … ADHD would not be a good thing, especially in the long run. Have a piece of chocolate to satiate yourself and wait for the clothes. I say this because of an article I read in Vogue. — Numerous opinions and desires were expressed, and I shall give you a sampling below. Myself, I’d love to see more seasonless fashion, fewer collections, less devaluation of the craft, fewer mark-downs, more mindfullness, far less (or no) fast fashion—but that’s me, and this is how we do @kajanistudio.

A sampling—regarding fashion, shopping, shows, etc.

Excerpts from Vogue: “Maybe the whole idea of clothes pegged to a particular season has evaporated?”

  • “I don’t like fashion that feels too throwaway> If I own a piece from a current collection and they show something that feels close to it the next season, that makes me happy.”

  • “I do the bulk of my shopping ahead of time” — The emotional investment in putting down a deposit on an item and waiting four months means that when it arrives, you’ll feel that connection to it.” (Buy-now-wear-now has a return rate of 50% - no good.)

  • “I now buy a more diverse range of fashion due the vast inventory online.”

  • “I want it now, no one is willing to order in advance and wait, the industry needs to change.” (Uhm, that’s called fast-fashion, dear, it’s instant and immediately available.)

  • “It would be nice if fashion spoke more to the present season so I could wear the clothes immediately. I like a little instant gratification.” (Like what's in store now?)

OK, so there you have it. A samlping of what’s on the minds of buyers of fashion. What's YOUR take? What do you care about? Don’t be afraid to tell us.

Fashion-Month continued and concluded (if you care to know). Some notes on fave collections from Paris and Milano. — There are designers (collections) that I always look most forward to seeing.  Dries Van Noten, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana — these are usually my top faves. There are often many others I love (I showed some the last time), but not every time, not every collection, for mostly personal reasons. Either they’re too contrived, trying too hard, too silly, too big, boring, too trendy, or whatever… But the three I mention above have seldom let me down, even if I don’t always love every piece in the line-up, or think the collection is too big and can be better edited… Most collections can be smaller and better edited, but that’s not up to me. I also loved Bottega Veneta—no nonsense, wonderful clothes. Some highlights here + links.

Photos by Giovanni Giannoni


Bottega Veneta RTW Fall 2016  Photo by Davide Maestri

Lastly — Spring is but around the corner and it may be time for a New Dress! (In the next post we’re doing the ‘Dress-A-Day Challenge’ —to welcome spring and celebrate prettiness. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, let me recommend the newest must-have dress—the Kimono wrap-style. It’s old-school meets new-school and you’ll get a lot of wear out it. Made to order and worth every penny. + Can be had in multiple Liberty prints. DRESS:


PS - Those silk PJ pants I mentioned in the last post—trust me when I say they are a must. You’ll wear them a lot—lounging at home, to work, out for cocktails, etc. They can also be made in other fabrics. PANTS

WAS THAT GOOD FOR YOU? — What would you like to see in this blog? Let me know, below, in the comment section … and I’ll see you 2-weeks hence.


Maggie Smith - Downton Abbey

Maggie Smith - Downton Abbey