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Happening Now - Fall 2016 Ready To Wear (photo:

Yes…Fashion-Weeks! — Some have concluded, some still in progress … but are we collectively getting bored of this ritual? There is disenchantment in the air ... it's not too serious, but there are fashion journalists and editors who’ve been cranky and complaining. Dare we say the thrill is gone, or fading? (In our last blog post we covered some of the changes taking place in the industry, and this is likely just one of the reasons why.) It’s too cold…it’s too early…and so on. The issue isn’t all the beautiful clothes, because there are plenty of them! The issue is the ritual of fashion-weeks and how relevant they still are. — Anna Wintour was apparently disappointed, she did not exactly say how…just mentioning the collections she did like, for taking risks, apparently. Buyers in London were impressed with craftsmanship (always a good thing in this world of too much fast-fashion). And Paris (the whole city apparently), announced that they would not be joining the ‘showing close to retail-season’ bandwagon. People are also weary of too much social-media at shows, bloggers might soon have to put away their iPhones during runway presentations ... a lot going on … or maybe not that much, yet. Mark my words, it's not done.

There was, of course, some really great stuff on the runways. Gucci is still all the rage—I get it, they’re on a roll right now. So, I’m not going to be a bummer here, I’m going to give you some highlights from the collections, then you can decide how exciting, inspiring, it still is. (SEE links below) Yet, I LOVE it when fashion-rules are broken, (being a rule breaker), they need to be broken from time to time, and this is a good time.

DIY Tip: make yourself a simple little corset (a la Prada), wear it over a bunch of things. If you can’t—ask us, we’ll make one for you—custom. Also, start fraying your jeans at the hem, this is now de rigueur, or so we're told. Look Here.

               That + Street-Style + A Kindred Spirit we discovered in England. Read on…chime in!

Bowie — I call this, STYLE, and not just for the clothes.   

I call this, STYLE, and not just for the clothes



Street-Style, during said fashion weeks, had become a bit contrived. But now, apparently, street-style is personal again. Everyone, attending the shows, it seems, is doing their own thing, marching to the beat of their personalized fashion-drum, and that’s a good thing. Far more interesting to watch and get inspired by. No longer does it appear to be a ‘who’s cooler’ contest, at least we hope. Now we kind of know how to spot those, right? And it really is looking more fun out there, certainly more diverse. There is still a bit of the ‘trying too hard’ by certain folks ... for the most part it’s a style-bazaar with lots of individual and original takes. It is good to see so much VARIETY! You know what that means? Another nail in the coffin of dreaded trends, which sadly, the fashion-machine relies on so heavily … just another of the changes occurring. Good stuff, especially for NY, this is where there’s more individuality now, than before, shinning through. Other cities already had a bit more. See for yourself, below.


Backstage at Thom Brown—always cool.

Denim—always fabulous, but trends are lame, and this photo speaks volumes…

1. Denim—always fabulous, but trends are lame, and this photo speaks volumes…

On the streets of London—fashion week


Backstage at Burberry

Photo by Giovanni Giannoni and Jimmy Bae

Photo by Giovanni Giannoni and Jimmy Bae

On The Streets Of

NYFW: >> WWD fashion news - Barcelona   LONDON: >> WWD fashion news week street style

COPENHAGEN: >> WWD fashion news Copenhagen   MILANO: >> Vogue slideshow Milan

MADRID: >> WWD fashion news Madrid

A Slow-Fashion Kindred Spirit: (My sister brought this to my attention). We’re in Los Angeles, she is in England, (London, I’m supposing). She makes slow-fashion, like we do. Although our styles are vastly different, the idea—the process—the thought behind the clothes is very similar, very close to what we’ve been doing at kaj.ani. (I’m still wearing, as I’m sure are some of my earliest customers are, pieces I made 18 years ago, from my first year.) -- HERE: Meet Carin Mansfield — check out her story.

She says: “The problem is that all the Primarks and these types of stores on the high street have given people a false sense of how much work goes into garment making. I call it ‘fast food’ fashion. My clothes I would call ‘slow fashion’. Customers have come back to me who have bought stuff 20 years ago that I made and they still come in wearing the clothes. Every one of my pieces takes a machinist who has been on the machines 40 years a day to make. Each garment is made one by one…”  *(Many people don’t get it, some never will, there’s nothing we can do about that).

Question: how did people manage to, afford to, get dressed before ‘factory-farmed--fast-fashion’ came about? And how much would you expect to be paid for your labor if you were the maker (the sewer) of said apparel? — People valued the craft of making clothing, they made do with fewer stuff and better quality. We might just come full-circle soon enough on this matter, maybe … food for thought. (Affordability, often, has more to do with personal values (rather than money), than people may realize).

Fashion-Week Runway Highlights & Links: See for yourself and tell us what you think, like, dislike, etc. NOTE: A label called *Delpozo showed an absolutely, artfully gorgeous collection. If wearability is not a factor, I think this was the highlight of NYFW. There was good stuff, so-so stuff, contrived stuff, dumb stuff, beautiful stuff, as always. Feel free to explore WWD on your own — it’s free. QUESTION: Do we really need or want ‘Pre-Fall’ (what the hell is pre-fall, anyway)? A made up season two months before Fall. Does anyone else think this is totally lame?

  1. Marc Jacobs: (usually the highlight of NYFW) Beautiful & Freaky, no? You really need to be tall to wear a lot of this. WWD/fashion-news/shows-reviews/Marc-Jacobs

  2. Vivienne Westwood: (usually one of my faves) WWD/fashion-news/shows-reviews/Vivienne-Westwood

  3. Paul Smith: (beautiful stuff) WWS/fashion-news/shows-reviews/Paul-Smith

  4. Gucci: (still pretty darn crazy & fabulous!) Vogue/fashion-shows/Gucci

—Perhaps more from Fashion-Weeks in the next post — We haven't even covered Paris yet—

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Photography by:    Loren Philip

Photography by:   Loren Philip


What We’re LOVING Now — The Drawstring Pant! (Silk PJ jogger style) I know it may not seem very exciting, but TRUST me when I say this is a great piece to add to your wardrobe. Here’s why: It’s lux and practical at the same time. You can wear it with a million things. You can wear it almost all year. You can dress it up, like for cocktails or something, you can dress it down with a tee shirt. (Not sure how? Ask us, we'll show you.) You can wear with heels, flats, boots, sandals, etc. It also folds-up and snaps to make it cropped. Check it out, and I suggest getting it a little on the bigger side. Made-To-Order, Fashion-for-Keeps: - silk-twill-gray


Lastly … What Are You Wearing? We haven’t done this in a while, so here’s me on the go. Wearing: kaj.ani silk skirt, Agnes b. sweater, silk scarf (gift), vintage purse, Storie di Scarpe shoes* — The IDEA here is to encourage you to do the same. Take a pic of yourself in something you love on, a good day, and send it—share it with us, here, (we'll post it in the next blog). Trust me, it’ll be fun! + We'll answer your style questions, should you have any.


*Bonus for reading through... Oscar Red-Carpet Fashion! > Enjoy