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Liberty Bow-Tied Blouse + Gray Dirndl Skirt

“fashion” (Yes, Bowie is ever on my mind and in my heart)


LOVE — while we’ve side-stepped the minefield of Valentine’s Day, LOVE is all there is -- honest to goodness. So, lets talk about it, another kind of love. Romantic love can be wonderful, but I’m talking about self love. We’ve got to have it in order for things to fall into place, and so we can love one another better. Self Love is the First Love. Without it, other kinds of love just don’t work as well. (I’m not talking ego-love, not a boastful conceit disguised as love, but REAL love and care of self.) — Love is much bigger than, as we all know, romance. Healthy mind, body, and relationships all stem from a real understanding of this first love. For how can you love others if you cannot love yourself, truly and deeply. While there’s always room to improve oneself, the striving for improvement is always more successful when it comes from a place of love and acceptance. Then you can change things, first from within, then around you—when possible. Sit—Breathe—Take In Your Wonderful Self—Give Thanks—Smile From Within—Slow Down—Treat Yourself With Care & Kindness—> Then Express It Out Into The World Around You—Mindfully—Today*  And tell Us about your journey and how it has made you feel. (Comment below or via email.) I know this is brief, but everyone is on their own path, and everyone’s experience will be different, so we want to hear from you. Pin It (a little fashion inspiration)


A NEW COLLECTION Is Up & Ready! That means... 1. Fashion-for-Keeps. We’ve worked hard to give you a well-edited group that’ll serve you well, work with what you have, brighten up your wardrobe and style with some fabulous new pieces.  2. You can now order pieces. 3. Ask us for style advice, fashion and shopping tips. 4. Help us promote it & get shop discounts! (It is pretty much organic and word of mouth, by sharing, liking, and all that good stuff—the more you share, the more rewards you get—because we do not have a PR marketing firm pushing our brand of slow-fashion, ethically made loveliness—so give us a hand & we will reward you.) 5. They will feel SPECIAL, every new piece you acquire will be beautifully made-for-you, and meant to be worn for a long time. (No fly-by-night, no throw-away, no trendy crap.) We don’t flood you with a ton of clothes, (to pressure and confuse you) only to devalue them all later with mark-downs, that’s not how we work. BUT, we will give you shop discounts for helping us* — Check it out


CH CH CH CHANGES … Slowly but surely the Fashion-Machine is changing—it’s in the air, practically palpable … It’s all become too much too fast, and some things have got to shift. How much it will change for the better I do not know yet. However, designers have been departing major houses due to too much pressure, too many collections, made up seasons, it’s never enough … Not to mention that the consumer cannot possibly take in all that stuff, and so it is beginning to loose meaning, loose creativity, loose intimacy—the machine has got to SLOW down, and allow us to take in the beauty and craftsmanship, once again.

I think many designers do not wish to send out 4 or 5 collections a year—that is insanity as far as I’m concerned, and certain that others feel the same way. (Not to mention that it just stokes the fires of the fast-fashion knock-offs.) After all, who is supposed to buy all this STUFF (before it gets marked down)? It is a devaluation of the art and craft of apparel making, and the consumer knows to wait for SALES, because there’s a ton more coming. It’s really kind of a gross way for an industry to operate. How many collections do we really need or want? (Then you have fast-fashion chains constantly filling their shops with more crap… How much crap?… Is it enough crap?) Two collections (per year) are far more than enough, even one is ok. Heck, we’ve consolidated to one per year, and dare I say we’ve been doing it this way since 2013. So are these guys copying us @kajanistudio (kidding), or are they just feeling the vibe that the hyper pr, too much too fast fashion world has to change? Hopefully, and maybe into something more sustainable and thoughtful?

We’ve been ahead of this “trend” (makes me gag just saying that word), heralding these needed changes for quite some time, just for the mindfulness alone, it is worth it. — To allow our customer to take in a new collection, and thoughtfully select their favorite pieces, ones that will serve them well, and work with what they already have. Knowing, there is not going to be another collection just a few months later, it’s not getting marked-down. It is made to order just for you, it is SPECIAL and meant to last. (The only thing we mark-down are samples and archive pieces, that’s it.)


Recent stories making fashion-headlines. There will be more, further changes will follow. This is the beginning.

WWD (Burberry):
Recently, Christopher Bailey of Burberry announced: “Come September, the $7.54 billion company plans to show seasonless men’s and women’s wear collections together, on the runway, twice a year. Burberry’s shift could be the snowflake that begins an avalanche of change as designers, retailers and fashion organizations debate the overheated fashion system” (Tom Ford has also followed suit — there will be more…)
“The fashion-consumer is gripped with ennui” — says WWD. Uhmm…because it’s all too much, and it’s not special anymore. (As another ‘fashion-week’ has begun ... we'll cover in the next blog.)

"Overheated! Is Fashion Heading for a Burnout?”

NYT (they’re missing the bigger point, but it’s a start) — “The system of showing clothes on a runway, then selling them in stores six months later, seems increasingly irrelevant in the age of social media.”

OK, I think you guys get the picture, but this story is not finished. So, what does Fashion mean to you? (Tell us.)


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ASTROLOGY: Like I said before, Monkey is very clever…but things can be tricky...as Lao Tzu would say, watch that monkey mind — lest it get the better of you. Also, there’s a LOT of superstition in Chinese astrology, it can get very complicated… So, I’ve found something more simple and optimistic here from the gals at MR that I think you may like. +More Horoscope Here


My Message to You — Live as mindfully as you’re able and you’ll be OK.

I’ve given you a lot to process in this post — See You All in 2-Weeks — Ciao!