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Uniquely Gorgeous — Handmade & Vintage — Conscious Commerce Glamcentric Guide


This being the last (blog) issue—for a while—I want to give you something fun & easy, inspiring & thoughtful to take you through the end of the year. That’s been my mission with every issue. I wish we could all take a December hiatus, I really think we all—collectively—need it. Alas, most of us can’t ... there’s stuff to do and we gotta have fun doing it — may as well. I was going to give you lots more specific items, but I changed my mind … seeing that people have such a short attention span now (attributed to lack of time, but mostly due to distraction), I’m just going to give you a shortened version of my originally much larger list, which I hope you'll find useful + links you can explore on your own, at your leisure. Okay?

With Thanksgiving, (my fave holiday, hope yours was lovely), behind us, and with it black-friday, it’s officially shopping & party season. My advice is to take it easy, find ways to relax and enjoy without too much running around — which is why cyber shopping is so much more popular these days. And I will encourage you to exercise your ‘Conscious-Commerce’ muscles as much as possible, weather shopping online or off-line. #ShopSmall #EthicallyMade — it’s easier and more fun with practice. + SEE our discount shop code, below!

OK, onward — My Holiday-Recipe List — Shop & Make Merry.

*Make Merry—Do For Fun & Sanity > This may sound overly simplistic, but it’s amazing how many people forget … 1. Wear things that make you feel good — festive-pretty-comfortable. 2. Give gifts (buy things) that make you feel good, and the receiver, too. 3. Go to places that make you feel good … take yourself on dates. 4. Spend time with people that make you feel good — this includes yourself (your own company). 5. Make tasty treats that are fun.

*Eat—Make> Two fun-fabulous recipes for holiday cheer — make for home and/or take to parties.

My Mamma’s Biscotti — If you like baking, these are fun to make, fun to eat, not heavy, and they make great gifts and take alongs to parties. SEE full recipe below* You can also make a Gluten-Free version. We make & give them every year and everyone loves them.

Elegant Almond Pinecones for The Holiday Table> I got this from Etsy—they’re so cute! Decorative and edible, great for parties & hostess gifts.

*Drink—Make> My new favorite, easy, cheerful, drink that’s yum! But not loaded with sugar. Gin-Granetiny: 1-part gin, 1-part pomegranate juice, 2-parts tonic (or club soda/mineral water), orange rind (zest), pomegranate seeds. — Pour all liquids into tall glass & stir, Or pour into a shaker & shake, serve over ice, sprinkled with some of the pom seeds and garnish with a twist of orange-rind. (If you don’t like gin you can sub it for vodka.)

*Wear-Buy> It should be easy-pretty-festive-fabulous. Cozy knits with Silky pieces, maybe a little something Velvet, add unique vintage jewels with a bit of sparkle — These are few of my favorite things*



*Gifts—To Give & Get> Chunky scarfs (these are unisex, both guys & gals buy & love them), Cashmere scarfs (other small luxury items like these), Unique Trinkets (like vintage jewelry & accessories), Silky things, Sparkly things that are useful/wearable.

*Also, baked goodies, jams & jellies, flavored oils (like rosemary olive oil), homemade jerkies (guys love this stuff). — I recommend Farmers Markets for these items. + Beauty & pampering items like facial mists made with essential oils, lovely soaps & lotions (be sure the receiver LIKES these scents). — I recommend Etsy for these items. + Of course booze! Unique alcohol beverages can be great gifts.



Remember to check out Etsy Sale Fashion & Etsy Sale Vintage for fabulous, handmade gift items.

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NOTE: It may be a tight deadline for Made-To-Order for Holiday items, but feel free to inquire if something really catches your fancy or if you want it for the New-Year, if we can do it, we will!

This is CIAO for 2016 — Wishing You ALL Happy Holidays & A Wonderfully Bright New Year!

Hope to see y’all next year and hope to hear your thoughts on anything … cheers!

I’m still avail for your questions and inquiries, so yay — Ask away!

PS — This is your bonus (article) to end this very interesting year on a Peaceful note. 

A Year To Clear What Is Holding You Back > from Daily OM

Biscotti Recipe

Makes approximately 2-dozen (24) cookies

Ingredients — 3 large eggs — 3/4 cup sugar (organic) — 125 grams unsalted butter (a little over 8 tbsp) soft, at room temperature — 2-cups flour (1-cup all-purpose, 1-cup whole wheat, is what I do) — 2-tbsp chopped walnuts or pecans, not too chunky — 2-tbsp raisins or dried cranberries, chopped not too fine — 1/8 or 1/4 tsp salt — 1/2 tsp vanilla (or 1-tsp if you like more) — 1-tsp baking soda (or baking powder)

Preparation — *Pre-Heat your oven to 325 degrees (fahrenheit)*

In a med-large bowl, mix together 3 beaten eggs + sugar. Add to this the softened butter + the vanilla + the salt & baking soda — mix well with spoon. Add the nuts & dried fruit — stir/mix to combine. Add Flour last — mix to combine with all the other ingredients.

Empty the contents of the bowl onto a floured surface —this is sticky dough— divide dough into 2-equal loaves and place them on a buttered baking sheet (cookie sheet)

 *Bake the 2-loaves for about 18 to 20 minutes @325 degrees. — Pull out the loaves and let cool for a few minutes (so they’re not to hot to the touch) — Begin to gently & carefully slice into the loaves —cutting out your cookies about 1/2” inch wide.

Increase oven temp to 375 to 400 degrees, depending on your oven and how hot it runs. — *Gently place the cookies —Flat— on the baking sheet and return to oven — baking until they are golden-brown, about 5 minutes on Each-Side. — Let cool & enjoy!

*NOTE: For Gluten-Free cookies you can substitute the regular flour for a combination of coconut + buckwheat + almond flours. — I usually do the following:  1-cup coconut flour, 1/2-cup buckwheat flour, 1/2-cup almond flour/meal. You can skip the almond altogether if you like and just use 1-full cup of the buckwheat flour.