*A Case for Slow Fashion - Previews - Tribute* part 2

(+ I'm Lovin' It - Big Pants & Dirndl Skirts!)


Inspiration — it comes in bursts, big and small, in dribs and drabs — ideas, visions, music, art, fashion, life… Often it’s a struggle to continue … then inspiration strikes and you’re sucked in, you gotta do it! Gotta make something. How? Don’t know yet, but I must … somehow create something beautiful that serves a purpose. — "It Ain’t Easy"

I recently read an article by a guy (entrepreneur), who wrote about knowing when to give up, when your venture is failing … He suggested asking: Are you solving a problem? (If not, apparently the market won’t respond to your product.) I thought about this… No, I’m not solving a problem…oh no! — Then I had a realization... Fashion does not really solve problems (besides getting you dressed and looking swell), that is not its purpose, (phew!) It does offer lovely solutions. Fashion creates desire and beauty with practical application and execution. It is up to us to decide if we want it or not, and how much of it we want.

The Case for Slow-Fashion continued … (We did cover some good points in the last post already)

  • Consider the benefits to the makers, crafts-people, designers, tailors, artisans, creators of quality apparel. Designing for beauty (as we do), and the art of creating solutions that are visually, emotionally appealing and meaningful. What type of manufacturing (making) would you feel good about wearing, supporting?  

  • Did I already say that you’ll have better things (clothes, shoes, etc.)? And they will last longer in both quality and style. (Ok, maybe you’ll have fewer items, but having better items will make up for that. Really! They’ll more than pay for themselves, (if they’re not super trendy). Besides, slave-labor apparel kind of sucks on many levels. So, we’ll end it here … these are good enough reasons to consider.

Another peek at new collection items ... avail for order in Feb.

                                                                              (BTW lovely ladies, we do make plus sizes here @kajanistudio - beyond size 10)

Photography by: Amina Touray

Liberty Art-Print Open-Keyhole Dress with Obi

 Photography by: Amina Touray

Scallop-Embroidered Eyelet Pull-On Shirt & Dirndl Skirt

MORE on Bowie — cannot yet let him go, so why not continue to celebrate my beloved Bowie?  A lovely man for a “rock-god” - surprisingly down to earth, a beautiful rebel that continues to inspire …  As I write this my local radio station is playing all Bowie songs … making this little post all the more easy to write. Just an exquisite collection of great music, of sound and vision. There’s no end to my love for this artist, this creative force. Living on his own terms, with grace and humor — reconciling with mortality — a life lived beautifully and wildly and honestly. The scope of his musical diversity is truly something impressive. I can talk endlessly ... his style, his talent … but right now, fashion-wise, I’m feeling the BIG PANTS! And think we should all give this look a try, give those skinnies a break, (not forever, just for a bit).  I’ve loved big pants during various periods in my life … think now they are especially apropos.


You are never too old or too young to discover the sound and vision …



Diamond Dogs

Wild is the Wind



Soul Love

 If you’ve got a couple more minutes … See here

Let me tell you what else I’m loving right now ... that I hope you’ll find at least a little interesting, fun, inspiring, or whatever. If you’ve got any opinions, please share. (Next thing you know Spring will be around the corner … start thinking about fun-pretty-romantic-minimal dresses … whatever floats your boat.) But what I’m loving most right now are kind of unexpected pieces. Items with maybe some unusual punch. And let me say, be not afraid to wear some of these things together … if your style is brave and unconventional.

  • Those big pants — maybe get them in an unexpected color (red or orange or green, if you like), or fabric (like silk or a print), - I said maybe, you don't have to.

  • Big chunky sweaters — that you can wear with dainty skirts and dresses. — Wearing them with pants may be an obvious choice, but remember to create some balance with proportions … or don’t, if you've found a look you really like.

  • I’m loving vibrant silks — to take away the winter blahs. Bold silk charmeuse or satin, that you can easily take into Spring and beyond… (ps, don’t be afraid of prints).

  • Dirndl— yes!  The dirndl skirt is the "IT" skirt of this decade, perhaps beyond. It is retro-modern, versatile, sweet and sexy, romantic, practical, classic — in almost every length. If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, see: Full skirt, in varrying lengths, gathered (shirred) into a fitted waistband. Beyond that, it can have some other details such as pockets (a definite plus), or other features, and can come in a multitude of fabrics. The Dirndl works year round and always puts a feminine spring in your step.

 What Are You Wearing? — Here Are Two Items To consider


Lastly ... Mercury Is Out Of Retrograde! ... All Hail Harmony In Action ... We Hope.

And on Feb. 8 we enter the Year of the Monkey. Monkey is known to be very clever ... but (as Lao Tzu would say), watch that monkey mind! - Lest it get the better of you.


Until next time … two-weeks hence … Ciao!

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