(+ Astrology and What Are You Wearing … On The Red Carpet)

“There’s a Starman waiting in the sky — he’s told us not to blow it cause he knows it’s all worthwhile …”

I’ve got a lot to cover in one post, so I’m making this a two-parter to be continued two weeks hence — otherwise I’ll prattle on forever …  And I wonder if I’m clever enough to tie these ideas together somehow — even by a thin string. (Maybe-Maybe Not) Because in my mind they are somehow related … even Mercury retrograde? Dang that retrograde! — It’s already been a kooky month, but it only lasts until the 25th, so lay low and hang on.  Let’s see …

The Tribute: (My beloved) David Bowie shuffled off the mortal coil … but to me he will always be immortal. My first love, an original in a sea of imitators, a true innovator — an inspiration of mine since the tender age of 13. I have loved him for many years, many reasons … His unflinching originality, his wonderfully otherworldly talent. His voice, that sends me to the stars … his singular yet ever-evolving style that others could only wish for … his music, which was like no other … his multifaceted experimentations, his courage, intelligence, and beauty. The Starman, who was also down to earth ... We are collectively grieving, collectively admiring. There have been countless tributes all over various media outlets already, but this one is mine… And let me say how much I've been enjoying all the radio stations palying Bowie marathons -- Just a staggeringly immense catalog of fantastic music -- it's mind blowing, really. He influenced fashion, the visual arts, the character of performances and much of popular culture along the way. This being has had a huge impact, which is why he can never really die.
   “I don’t know where I’m going from here,” David Bowie famously said, “But I promise it won’t be boring.” He was superhuman, (as he’d once wanted to be) in his prolific output of creativity and in his ability to express the many facets of his personality and mind and being — with style being a major component. He was also kind and humble, reconciling, creating to the very last... Defying all streotypes. I've never been more inspired by a single artist. More in the next post…

— To try tying this theme together, I’ll make the following comparison: David Bowie is like slow-fashion vs. Justin Bieber is fast-fashion. Bowie is like fine food & Bieber is McDonalds. How about that? (Mean or funny?)

The Case:  Living slowly and beautifully - ads value. Living fast and rushing - takes away, creating the feeling (an illusion) of lack. (I heard a Japanese restoration artist-craftsman say this recently.) -- I am a big advocate for conscious commerce — for slow-fashion, slow-food, small business, supporting artisans and craftspeople, etc. — In as much as we are able, aiming to slow it down...will have immense benefits to our well being. Knowing full-well that we cannot always do this, and that no one wants to be lectured on the detriments (of factory farmed food and factory farmed fashion) ... What I’d like to do is sing praises of being a conscious consumer, as often as we can — So, let’s continue our new year in optimism … In the immortal words of David Bowie - "It Ain't Easy..."  (but) "We can be heroes …"

  • Conscious commerce and slow-fashion create less waste, and more mindful purchases.  (Americans throw away 14 million tons of textiles a year -- how much stuff do we really need, or want, honestly? Instead of getting 10 cheap things, get 3 nicer things, it'll be ok.)

  • Shop smarter for well-made items you’ll own for years to come. The contemporary designer price tag will prevent mindless purchases, which means you’ll have a more tightly edited closet of great items that suit your aesthetic, beautiful things to use for a long time. (If you’re not a teenager you won’t regret it.)

  • You may find it beneficial to ditch a fast-fashion habit for ethical and more sustainable reasons, who knows … Bonus, you will feel good. (Neither fast-food nor fast-fashion are beneficial...in the grand sense of things.)

TIP: Don’t ask someone how an item of clothing makes you look. Ask yourself how it makes you feel — Then tell us about it. + One more tip we snagged from the gals at MR —  “Just pony up and buy the coat. Red Modern Princess Style Coat “You know the one. It appears in all its unicorn-sourced, fairy-stitched glory at the start of the season, taunting you with its sheer perfection and four digit price tag. (NOTE: our price tag is only 3 digits!) You almost talk yourself into buying it five times before going for the Diet Coke version at Zara instead, (don't, really). Save your closet from more disposable outerwear and get something that lasts. You’ll be glad next year — and the five (+ years) after that.” — Yes.

To Be Continued in the Next Post on January 31 — Stay tuned...

More Peeks of Capsule Collection -- Coming in Feb.


Dresses & Separates you can wear for a long time... Wedding-Bridal-Spectator-Occasion-Daily and Beyond…


What Are You Wearing — Red-Carpet Edition

I cannot let January go without some (Golden Globes) red-carpet commentary and such … Mind you, I find these award shows to be mostly boring glorifications, and overly pc. -- So, here’s my take.

  1. This year the fashions were a bit more interesting ... amongst a sea of the usual pretty gowns there were some cool dresses.

  2. The show was mostly a snooze … if not for Ricky Gervais wonderfully crass sense of humor ... I did however like what Dicaprio had to say about indigenous peoples — yes!

  3. J.Lo - was utterly spectacular in that yellow dress w/cape and sparkle — no one else could pull that off with such gorgeous flair. (I’m sure I’m not alone in this opinion)

  4. I liked all the green & blue hues — much of the clothes were pretty… some not.


My Top 5 looks as such:

  1.  Jennifer Lopez - that yellow gown was elegantly wow.

  2. Jamie Alexander - beautifully Deco-Esc green & black.

  3. Olivia Palmero - such a cool dress! (that’s what I’m talking about when I say different)

  4. Alicia Vikander - sweet & lovely in that white un-gown

  5. Melissa McCarthy - that midnight blue shimmer


Here’s the link to see the line-up for yourselves — then do let me know what you think or love or whatever … I will not go into all the looks I did not like, and all the reasons why …  
New York Daily News - Golden Globes 2016

Lastly — Mercury RetroGrade Survival Guide — No, really we jest … hang on, y'all!

Happy Mercury Retrograde from Rob Brezsny: “Mercury is Retrograde until January 25. One of my favorite astrologers, William Sebrans, gives ten reasons why we can appreciate the glitchy, tweaky clusterf**ks that this astrological configuration allegedly spawns…     SEE Reasons Here