“There is no balance — Everything in life comes in surges and floods — There are only floods, one flood following another”  — says a character in a Sherwood Anderson story.

Upon further examination, I find much truth to this. How about you? (Also, fashion-weeks are in progress. See images and links below.)

You see, I’ve been waiting for a flood… I have not been very productive these last couple months, stifled and made lethargic by a combination of extreme summer heat, lack of adequate resources, indecision, and my desire to escape. Note: I’m supposed to be making the new capsule collection and I’m very behind my self imposed schedule. I feared this blog would eat up a lot of my time, it does. However, I find that I enjoy writing it, so far. As I said, I’ve been waiting for a flood — of funds, of inspiration, decisiveness, general support from universal intelligence. I want this new collection to be good, not made in haste simply because it must be made. So, I’m being thoughtful…but there’s also some procrastination that cannot be denied.

After a long hiatus, some years ago, I have been continuously defining and redefining what I do, how I do it, and how it all works. — My desire to be on the path of least resistance is a work in progress...

Meanwhile, here are some fun and fab images from fashion-week in New York and London. There will be more in the next blog...


Images NYFW - Street and Runway

People who say, “Do what you love and everything else will fall into place”, are perhaps full of it often enough, I suspect. (Who are these people?)  “What would you DO even if you were not paid for it?” — “That’s what you should be doing”, they say. — I am doing it!  Have yet to really be paid. (In complimentary feedback and creative satisfaction, yes.) But, this is my journey to navigate, we’ve all got our own. I cannot follow the standard rules, whatever they are, anymore. I began creating my own rules a while back. This is my craft, my love, my business, and I must make of it something that has real meaning, something that makes sense for myself and for those who wear what I make.


Images- London Fashion Week


This was the spirit of our ‘Beautiful is Useful’ campaign, (I should consider crowdfunding again) and is the spirit with which I create. — In a delayed response from the Universe, I came across an article mentioning this very topic that I’ve been touting lo these many years. (Chris Campbell, Rajeev Peshawaria, Dan Pink - Thank you, gentlemen)  *Proclaiming, the future belongs to and that we are entering, an era of more right-brain thinking and doing. It said — “Abundance, in an ironic twist, has made consumers fed up with mass-produced crap” — “instead, tastes are shifting toward products that are not only useful, but also beautiful, and give more meaning to their lives”
   Designing for beauty, the ability to touch people’s sense of meaning and happiness, will usher in the future, (economically and otherwise).  “Those who are able to make things beautiful and meaningful, will make the biggest dent” — said the article — “Emotional connection with where our ‘stuff’ comes from, how its made, beyond just a consumer driven business…” — It’s what I call conscious commerce. #GoodStuff


On The Cutting Table @kajanistudio — New print, new pieces, contrast color-blocking.


As nice as it’s been escaping to the beach…I really need a flood! — Of cooler weather, inspiration, rain, funding and general optimism.  So, I better get to it — back to work — making clothes that feel like an extension of you, of us. Pieces that make you feel good and serve you well. — That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it!

Items Of The Month

1. My fave dress, works from season to season, year after year.

liberty-paisley-pleat-dress  CLICK HERE to see.

liberty-paisley-pleat-dress CLICK HERE to see.

3. Kimono-Cardi (1 left)


2. The ‘IT’ shirt — kimono style


kimono-style-wrap  CLICK HERE to see.

kimono-style-wrap CLICK HERE to see.

 kimono-style-shawl-cardigan   CLICK HERE TO SEE.

 kimono-style-shawl-cardigan CLICK HERE TO SEE.

…I shall pick up where I left off in the next blog post — more fashion-weeks, more fashion-news, collections, work in progress, stuff I love & things I don’t — stay tuned…!

PS - If you read the last post from two weeks ago, you’ll know that I said I would be giving you more from fashion-week — links, images, and other good stuff, here — hope you enjoy.

Links to explore.

Can’t say I’ve loved most of what was shown at NYFW, but some of it. — Perhaps Europe will be better.  If you’re following us on FB then you get to see a lot more of this stuff continuously.

Prague FashionWeek: WWD Fashion News Prague

NewYorkFashionWeek: (mix of authentic & contrived street style) — WWD Fashion News New York

Ladylike Loveliness @Oscar de la Renta:  WWD Runway Oscar DeLa Renta

MarcJacobs: Love it or hate it, he always ends NYFW with a bang! WWD Fashion News Reviews Marc Jacobs

Inspiration from LondonFashionWeek:  WWD Fashion Week London

FashionHero: Vivienne Westwood, designer, activist, a gal after my heart. Huffington Post

“I never liked things to be too perfect. I like them to be perfectly made.” ~ Thom Brown
I like this guy, I love how beautifully his clothes are made, no hint of cheap-crap anywhere. New York Times Fashion Thom Browne

BTW — Kimono style is hot and we’re doing another new kimono-style dress.