The circus that is Fashion-Week, the return of Geek-Chic, and other rants and raves…
I’m observing from the sidelines, always with an open mind, so as not to be caught up in the frenzy and lose perspective. There are more than enough people already reporting from the front-lines.

Another round of fashion-weeks are upon us. I shall prattle on about the seemingly endless fashion circus - the humor, likes, dislikes, specialness, not-so specialness, etc. + some other stuff. Don’t get me wrong, there IS inspiration here, there is creativity and fun. It is just not as special anymore, because of the too-muchness of it all, fashion on overload. So let us begin...


‘Geek-Chic’ - The Nerd has arrived. I like it, but let’s not call it a trend, okay? Call it - Rise Of The Individual.  At the moment, geek chic is a nice change from all the over-studded rocker stuff we’ve seen too much of already. It’s been looking more mall, less rock & roll, lately. (BTW, if this is your style, by all means, keep on keepin’ on, ignore the trends and my opinions)
Nerd-chic is not a newly uncovered thing, it’s a look that’s currently being noticed and lauded. It has made its way to the runway. (PS - My sister had this look down, when she was in school, little did she know…) So if you love it, if it resonates with you, then go for it - it’s pretty fab. If it’s not your cup of tea, ignore it and move on. Don’t feel pressured by fashion (trends, yuk). Remember, this is the rise of the individual.


Geek-Chic’ (nerd-fashion, ugly-pretty, etc)

4. Illustration.jpg

Likes & Dislikes: Let me first say that in my never-ending search for inspiration - I don’t want to find hype & baloney. I want something genuine, not something PR-ed to death and touted as something new & cool.  
What I like is how many more countries/cities now participate and put on their own fashion-weeks, beyond just the standard handful, (New York, Milan, Paris) and I’m going to try to uncover some of these images & post them for you. Because, we seldom get to see these designers in the fashion mags or anywhere else. (No ad budget, no PR, no connections = no coverage.) I also like seeing the real street style in all the different cities and countries, not just the standard fashion-bloggers posing for cameras, wearing freebies from designers and calling it street-style. (Only WWD covers these other fashion weeks, that I know of, as they usually cover all shows in some way.) I also love the return of fashion-illustration, it looks fresh, interesting, more creative and intimate, fun and pretty. I’ve always loved illustration and was never able to do it well. Now I want a creative collaboration with an illustrator for a new project!

What I dislike - more seasons, more collections, more factory-farmed fashion - more more more! How much do we really need?  Call it a Fashion-Tsunami of too much, too fast. It’s enough to take all specialness out of making beautiful clothes. There’s no intimacy, just overwhelm. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE seeing all the creativity on display!  I love the beauty and craft of ‘dressmaking’, but this industry of fashion often makes little sense. Hardly anyone gets to see most of the designer’s creations - for all the labor and money required to even put a collection together - mostly the big names, and those currently in-favor with the industry, get seen. Many of them go bust, either because they can no longer bear the costs of production, the costs of the industry, are often overshadowed and outspent by bigger brands they can’t compete with.  There are now more collections then ever before, more seasons added in order to show more collections. One can hardly keep up with how many there are in a given year or why.  Are all these clothes purchased? No. Who then are they for? - The fashion machine, that must keep spinning to stay relevant? - Then, all the copies and trends that follow from the endless production line of fast-fashion...who’s buying all this crap? And how much of the luxury fashion do people really need or can buy? Not more than a few items…before it gets marked-down and the machine spits out new items. Is this a little insane or is it just me? 

Buy quality, buy less, buy stuff that lasts. I know people who do this. I’m hoping more people will go in this direction. How many items do we need/want in a given season? I don’t think it’s sustainable, but I’ve been wrong before…
That’s my rant, it must be stated from time to time, from the lessons I’ve learned and the things I’ve observed these many years. However, I WILL continue to post things that inspire - mostly on our fb page - articles, images, artists, opinions, etc. + Slice-of-life tidbits at the atelier. There is beautiful work being done by artisans and designers. To me, this will always be a craft, and a labor of love. There’s more to come! - On fashion-weeks, work in progress, and my smart-ass opinions.

Got something to say? - Say it.


My angel-nieceling just turned 7. Happy Birthday to an already style maven - this gal’s got it in spades.


Illustrators: Vogue Fashion illustrators

Nerd Style: Vogue Fashion Gucci

Film: Begin Again

News: Givenchy Opens To Public:  Givenchy made a splash this year when they announced they were opening their show to the public. Wednesday at 10 a.m., anyone could log in to, register and wait for confirmation. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis to about 820 people.

 I remember, as a student at FIT, sneaking in or trying to sneak into fashion shows with my group of fashion-friends - the things we did to try to get in - it was when shows were scattered around the city, before everything moved to 'the tents' and became less fun - how we would've loved this open to the public idea. New York Fashion Week


Wear: Now and well into Fall (add tights, boots, jacket, when it get’s cold)
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PS: Summer is not quite over and we’re going to milk it for all we can. Of course that’s very easy in so-cal, it’s still HOT! I’m hitting the beach again this week. If you’d like more tips on Summer-Style, or just warm weather style, let us know!

‘There is no balance - There are only floods’

Until next time, ciao!