H O T - Caliente! - It’s SUMMER Alright - Here’s the latest…


It is HOT in So-Cal, typical, but also humid, which is not very pleasant. It makes me want to live in a little bungalow by the sea - if only.  But I’ve got work to do even though I’d rather be on holiday. So...here’s an update on what I’ve been doing, thinking, wearing, eating, etc.  How about you all, what’s your summer like so far?

First and foremost; I’m trying to get inspired to make a new capsule collection. Well, I am actually inspired and trying to get the work done. Working on a shoestring does force you to be more creative… But, UGH! - it’s certainly more challenging and sometimes less fun when you can’t make everything you wish you could. The collection will be mostly transitional, mostly dresses, somewhat season-less. But I digress…

Work in Progress - New Pattern

Doing:  Staycationing at the beach and swimming in the ocean every week or as much as I’m able. Eating lots of fish, mostly at the wonderfully beachy Reel Inn in Malibu. Reading Sherwood Anderson and Vogue. Taking lovely picnics to LACMA’s Saturday concerts on the lawn. Making yummy meals with beautiful, seasonal, local produce. Eating lots of fruit! (Summer fruit is truly heaven). Getting inspired…watching lots of indie films, mostly foreign, costume pics and Looney-Tunes, cause a gal needs to laugh. Sketching new ideas and trying to decide which archive styles to revive. (PS - if any of you have some favorite archive styles, please let me know in the comment section. Rest assured that I’ll be doing an entirely new segment on this in the next blog.)


Wearing:  Lots of sarongs & tanks, not just at the beach. It’s been really hot and these are the best way to stay cool while I’m woking at the atelier.  Sun-hats, don’t leave home without them. Headscarves and kerchiefs, a cute and chic way to keep hair out of my face and cover-up bad hair days. Lots of dresses in fave liberty prints and jersey are cool and comfy in all lengths. Light-weight wraps for cool evenings, when we have them, and my big sunglasses that go with everything.



This is a stripped down version of the Ruffle-Edged Maxi, seen here> Our Etsy Shop.  We can make this version for anyone who wants one.




Thinking: Inspiration, sustainability, quality of life and what contributes to these things. When it comes to food, fashion, work, etc. - time isn’t money, time is life. I’m inspired by many things design and non-design related. What I’m loving now and still; painterly colors with neutrals, gray and white, yellow accents, swingy skirts with volume, kimono styles, dresses in all lengths. Loving cotton for its ease, beauty and versatility. Good basic knits that you can wear all year and for a long time. This moment of trend-free fashion, (I hope it lasts, because trends are more passe’ than ever).  Quality over quantity, slow food, slow fashion. People who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in, (for truth, love, justice, independent thought, compassion, humanity…)

Mad About: (not in a good way) The TPP, TPA, TTIP; a despicable deal that is a giant corporate power grab disguised as a free-trade agreement, that will be detrimental to most people. (Should you have an opportunity to sign any petitions in opposition to this deal, please do and share). I also abhor factory farming, (CAFOs), GMOs, and fast-fashion. (They are cruel, unsustainable, polluting and unhealthy). Okay, done ranting.

Love is what unites us all in the best and greatest way. I’d love to hear your thoughts on some or all of these things. What are you inspired by? What contributes to your quality of life? What are you loving, wearing, eating, doing?  Until next time…

*Fun links for Inspiration
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3. Artists Against TTIP (TPP, TPA):
youtube.com/watch?v=YVrDF0nSIAU and