White is de rigueur.

You may have heard me say it, write it, or perhaps you read it in Vogue? I love white and I love a white dress! Beyond bridal, summer white, winter white, I dig them all. Classic, romantic, modern, retro, etc. The white dress is particularly a must-have now, and is something that won’t go ‘out of style’ anytime soon. It is always chic, pretty and fresh. Perfect for many occasions and non-occasions. Be it crisp & bright or soft & muted, day or evening, at least one white dress is an absolute must. It also has versatility. You know I love that! White goes with every color.

I hope you love white dresses too, or will come to love them after reading this little tribute. I’d also like to give you a nice intro to our (kind of) unconventional wedding dresses. It’s our newest project venturing into the world of bridal fashion. A capsule collection that is meant to take the complicated out of the bridal equation while keeping the specialness of made to order. Giving you beautiful dresses that are comfortable to move and dance in. (See more in our News & Bridal pages, plus check out the Bridal & Spectator shop.)

Let me say that I think no bride should feel pressure to wear a certain type of dress that she neither loves nor feels comfortable in. After all, it’s YOUR wedding! Make it as fun and easy on yourself as possible. (We are happy to help, whether it’s ivory lace, purple silk or white cotton, just let us know.) My goal is to provide easy, beautifully made dresses and still keep the cost under a thousand bucks. I also think and hope that the bride can possibly wear the dress beyond the wedding day, maybe change it up a bit with some uncomplicated alteration or dye it another color. Unconventional, I know, but that is the idea behind this small collection.  You may have noticed that these dresses are not over the top, super ‘weddingy’, and if you love any of the styles and want to wear them for other occasions feel free. The red-carpets have been full of them lately and they looked fabulous. I say, wear a white dress fearlessly.

I don’t make white dresses for every collection, not sure why, because I love them. I know it’s a color many are hesitant to wear for fear of getting it dirty. Fear not. You can opt for ivory or off-white, instead of bright white, and it’s not something you wear all the time, so when you do it is well worth the effort because it can look spectacular! Perhaps you’ll allow us to make a white dress for you, (or even that fab new kimono shirt). Wherever you happen to get one, new or vintage, made-to-order or off the rack, I know you’ll come to love it, but hope you’ll opt out of the ‘fast-fashion’ route. Wearing a white dress may be is easier than you think. It could even be kind of bad-ass if you play it right. So pick your style and go for it!  (baking soda or oxyclean are great for washable whites)

I’m including some links to fun & inspiring articles on shoes and on the history of the white wedding dress.


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*What are your thoughts on white dresses? Do tell and feel free to ask questions. Are any of you planning to get hitched? Are there other special occasions coming up? Were you inspired by this segment?

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*All photos: Loren Philip. Models in order of appearance: Courtney Palm, Stell Bahrami, Jill Snyder

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