SUMMER LOVIN’ ~ My Top 10 Must Have List


I’ve become quite the summer person of late, perhaps because the beach is my most favorite place. So let me just lament for a moment because I will not get a proper holiday this summer, (certain obligations are keeping my husband and I tethered to home). However, I fully intend to make the most of my summer stay-cationing in so-cal, spending as much time as I can swimming in my beautiful Pacific, enjoying the local beaches and whatever else I’m able to do. I hope you all will too, weather you’re going off someplace wonderful or staying close to home.

Which brings us to…My must-have list. Things I love, use and suggest having, (doing) for a more enjoyable summer experience. I have referenced some items here that I hope you’ll like and find helpful. They’re from our Etsy shops and other Etsy sellers. (My endeavor to promote conscious commerce with artisans & makers in this community) Please don’t feel the need to run out and buy everything on this list, these are suggestions. Buy what you love, are able to, and will enjoy for a long time. Summer dressing should be fun and easy.

Without further ado: Ani’s Summer Must-Haves

1. A Sun Hat: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this, so pick a good one. A hat is highly stylish and shields your face from the sun. An absolute life-saver at the beach and makes you look more fabulous. Plus it saves you from constantly having to re-apply sunscreen, which can feel greasy. One with a larger brim works best. *Suggestions: 1. Etsy listing women-summer hat wide brim hat 2. Etsy listing panama straw hat men women spring

2. A Good Summer Dress: (or 2) Something pretty, fun, versatile and a bit unique, plus breathable and washable. A dress that goes easily from place to place, day to eve. Tall order, I know, but doable. *Suggestions: (our Liberty dresses are much beloved, having at least 1 is an absolute must) 1. Etsy listing liberty floral mini dress yellow > 2. Etsy listing liberty print shirtdress neon > 3. Etsy listing liberty daisy print jewel neck swing


3. Sandals: (fun-cute-practical) Go with what you really love, but be sure you can really WALK in them, because hobbling around in painful shoes is not fun or sexy no matter how fabulous they are. *Suggestions: Etsy shop Nikola Sandals.

4. A Good Swimsuit: Make it as cute and sexy as you like, whatever you feel good in, be it a 1-piece or 2-piece, as long as it can actually get wet. One you can swim in comfortably. *Inspiration: Vogue Summer Fashion Guide Starlet Swimsuits


5. Flip Flops: Nothing fancy, just comfy, good for the beach and such. Bonus if they work well with your swimsuit and cover-ups. If you don’t like flip-flops then find something comparable.

6. Sarong: (at least one, a couple if you’re able) My love of sarongs is endless, absolute favorite beach cover-up, plus it can go to other places too. Depending on the size and shape, it can do double and triple duty. Criteria: cute, washable, versatile. Be sure it’s not too delicate or flimsy. A bigger one can work as a make-shift dress or skirt to wear with belt and shirt. I’m happy to make you one in a Liberty print, just ask! Not currently in our offerings, but I’m considering it. *Suggestions: 1. Elegant Hand Painted Silk Cotton - Beach. 2. On Etsy-  Hand painted textiles

7. Tote-Bag: Be it cloth, canvas, jute, leather, print or solid, whatever floats your boat, so long as it serves you well. I’ve collected several over the years and use them all, but there’s no need for more than one or two to use in the city, beach, market, country, etc. Maybe a big one that holds a lot and a smaller one to run around in. *Suggestions: 1. Etsy Burly Tote > 2. Kaj ani Liberty Print Scarf Tote Bag > 3. Etsy listing leather tote bag

8. Summer Scarves: (a couple) Lightweight and fun, dress up casual basics, make a bit of a statement, cover a bad-hair day, etc. A sarong can also work in the right size. And I love vintage ones too, they come in such great prints. I’ve been collecting them for years. If you come across good ones pick them up.
*ie: Etsy listing liberty print scarf tote bag

9. A Tunic: Whatever you’ll get a lot of use out of and happen to love. Weather it’s a loose, beach cover-up style or a bit more structured that you can also rock as a mini-dress, go with what serves you best. Make it long enough to cover your bum, these are better. *Suggestion: Etsy listing ivory gold sparkle dotted mini dress

10. The Last Few Bits* Good basic tanks & tees. Chemical free sunscreen. Vitamins D! Summer is optimal time to get our D on, sans sunscreen, sensibly for about 30 minutes of at least 40% body exposure to sun, then cover up. The sun is your friend, but don’t get burned.

And that’s it ladies and gents. So, how do you make the most of summer? What are your must-haves? Did you enjoy this list? Questions? Feel free to ask. Until next time, ciao! Have a wonderful holiday weekend and a spledid summer.

Notes: Start with your closet first, see what you a have that works well, then build upon that with some fab new items. Take your time. Choose pieces that’ll serve you well and beyond just one season. WHITE is de rigueur! It may be the color du-jour, but I always love white and wear it often, it’s classic and eternally cool. The White Dress is THE must-have, but that’s a story for an upcoming blog post...

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