Take Me On Vacation!

Remote Tropical Paradise .

Remote Tropical Paradise.

I crave to be kissed by the sun, to take off my sweater, put on a cute dress and frolic happily in a beach setting. It’s been a cool spring here in greater Los Angeles, after a
strangely warm winter. It’s not quite beach weather in the truest sense yet. I recently got a tiny taste of this on a very short visit with in-laws in Florida. I got to have a one day holiday at the beach. Just a quick jaunt to relax, decompress and have some fun. I swam in the wonderfully warm Atlantic and ate at my favorite old spot. I was smiling all day from ear to ear and it left me gratefully wanting more!

As for the clothes… You know I love clothing that incorporates specialness and practicality, things you’ll enjoy wearing for a long time, that feel good. I don’t believe in trendy, throw-away clothes and fast-fashion. I love pieces that transition easily from city to resort, from office to outing. Oh, how I love good dresses! We’ve already made some lovely ones, along with some easy separates, with this idea in mind, and I hope you’ll love wearing them. Now, I’m fixing to design some more. Work in progress details will be forthcoming, as I document our slow-fashion journey. Stay tuned…

Me in Florida, at my favorite spot . ( The Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet )

Me in Florida, at my favorite spot. (The Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet)


It’s all I can think about lately. Well, perhaps not all I think about, but it is definitely a dominant thought and desire. That, and what to wear on said holiday, what to make/design. It is respite and inspiration that I seek.  Ideas of lovely, warm weather dresses and separates are swirling in my head like a movie reel. I know, I know I live in Southern California…but, it feels like ages since I’ve had a proper holiday. I want to be by the sea, someplace warm, tropical and remote, where I can be barefoot for much of the time. More and more I want to design warm weather clothes that are versatile and transitional.

Fun & Fabulous Liberty dresses really make a splash! We make them to order and they transition well.      CLICK HERE

Fun & Fabulous Liberty dresses really make a splash! We make them to order and they transition well.     CLICK HERE

Other than fabulous dresses, I can pretty much live in sarongs with a variety of appropriate toppers. What are you craving to wear? Where are you longing to go? Let me know, chime in, let’s get a conversation going.