Tis The Season For Merriment And Gifting

The Holidays are here! — Hope yours are wonderful. We live in a world where conscious consumption has got to play a greater role in our lives — shopping mindfully is more important than ever — considering the sources from which our products (things we buy, use, give) come from. This is not a lecture, my lovely and stylish readers, it’s simply a reminder. — It’s a FEEL GOOD thing, I swear!

We vote with our wallets (and our hearts) every time we choose a purchase. We all have needs, desires, obligations, etc. — Let us consider who and what we wish to support in this wonderful season of giving. It wont require more money…just a bit more thought. After all, it’s not the size of the gift that truly matters, it is the quality and thought behind it.

With that in mind here are some suggestions, both general and specific, for your consideration. Also, should you have any shopping or gifting questions, I’m happy to help if I can. Just post them in the comment section below or contact me via email.  Think unique, intimate, handmade, useful, beautiful, edible, wearable, special. Un-mass produced gifts have so much more meaning, and I think most people will truly appreciate them.  Let's embrace artful conscious commerce.

It’s not my intention to shamelessly promote our shop, even though I’m a designer, proprietor, and this is my blog. The whole of the Etsy - handmade community is at your finger tips, there are also indie boutiques, farmer’s markets, craft fairs, etc.

OK, here we go - my top 5 gifitng ideas and then some… Set a budget, this is important, and go to it! (Shopping, that is.)


                             *GIFT IDEAS -  Edible, Wearable, Usable, Enjoyable...


1. Food: Everyone loves to eat something yummy. Gifts like special cheeses and cured meats, wonderful pickles, preserves and jams, fancy salts, home-baked goods, and special liqueurs make great gifts. If you’re crafty and have the time — DIY — it’s the perfect opportunity to show-off your culinary talents and truly give something made from the heart. Put them in cute packaging, like jars, bags, boxes and tie them off with rustic bows. Taste if you can, to be sure you like it and that your gift getters will like them too. I don’t recommend buying food online, unless it's a sure thing, there are too many unknowns. Farmer’s markets are perfect for food gifts.

2. Vintage Trinkets & Baubles: Costume jewelry (or estate jewelry if you’re able to afford) can make fabulously fun & glam gifts for many women, (friends, co-workers, relatives) especially if you know they like unique items that can’t be found all over the place, like standard retail the stores. These are often very cool, wonderfully inexpensive, and uniquely fab. Indie boutiques and Etsy are the best places to find these. ie: Click on the pictures for links*

3.   Handmade Wearables: Apparel & Accessories - especially scarfs and sweaters - even coats, jackets, and dresses can, of course make, fabulous gifts — but some are easier than others. For fit reasons, I recommend sticking with scarfs and sweaters, unless you know someone’s size and figure intimately or well enough, then by all means get your loved one something fabulous to wear. Sweaters — you should have a general knowledge of someone’s size, know they are sweater lovers, and ask the shop-owner for assistance - (Like me). These are often made-to-order and are really worth the effort. Be sure to allow enough time for them to be made. Scarfs — can make really special gifts, best of all they are the easiest to give/get — for both men and women. There are so many great styles and options; chunky scarfs, long ones, cowl styles, lightweight ones in prints, silks, cottons, super warm ones — all wonderful and useful. ie: Click on the pictures for links*

4.  Handmade Jewelry & Engraved Items: Things like keychains, pendants, charms, special tools, (for the boys) with names or sayings on them, can be personalized and very cool. Earrings and charms make uniquely pretty or edgy or romantic gifts. Etsy is great to explore for these things.  ie: Check out this Etsy page.

5.  Fabulous Aromatherapy & Toiletry Items: Fancy soaps, lotions, facial mists, candles, incense — but be careful with smells, if you don’t know what aromas a person likes, the smell of something can nauseate them, (this has happened to me with overly perfumed gifts). You can finds these at farmer’s markets, on Etsy, in boutiques and craft fairs.  Oh - Interesting little purses and pouches, that can be multipurposed are great too. - If you like, fill these with a few goodies to make it extra special, and voila! — A fabulous gift.



This up-cycled handmade leather wristlet makes a great little evening purse and then some.

Click to Shop

Click to Shop


6.  Other Items & Ideas: Handmade blankets and throws are cozy, useful and beautiful.
Art and artful decor, like pretty or funny little drawings, prints or watercolors are wonderful, (suited to a personality) if you know someone’s taste. Artful books, if you know what they’re into, and vintage books. Best place for these are indie book stores, online sources like Etsy and other portals for unique purchases. — Things like vintage housewares can also make cool gifts, especially for someone who is a collector, or you know their taste and know they’d love a particular item, like a bowl or vase or other such things. Again, think vintage or handmade, for maybe everything but certain types of books.


Curated Scarfs for Him.

                 (Really, they're unisex)


A Few Extra Tips:  1. Get your made-to-order items first. 2. Food items can be bought last. 3. Ask us for a 10% OFF shop-coupon-code, your reward for reading the blog all the way through! 4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, do not give into the fear-mongering currently going on around the world. Yes, some terrible things have happened…but it is LOVE that matters more. Sending thoughts of love and compassion to our fellow man, seeing the best in human kind, helping where we can, and being our best selves will do more good for the world we live in. Optimism can be contagious in the best ways.

That's about all for now... I hope you have a truly lovely Holiday Season, lots of fun with your loved ones, and remember to give THANKS. Don’t let the pressures of shopping get to you, just set aside a little time each week to tackle your list. Stay away from the Black-Friday madness, there are infinintely better ways to spend your time... And again, I’m happy to answer some questions. Let us know if you find these guides helpful.  Oh! — if you follow us on Facebook you’ll see the latest recommendations and get special Holiday coupon-codes for our shop to save a bit on your purchases. You can also contact us directly about coupon-codes too. I will cover a bit more Holiday fun & madness in the next blog too…until then — Ciao!


*California State Parks Free on Black Friday

Sonoma, Mendocino county parks free on Black Friday

State Parks Offer Free Admission, Free Camping on Black Friday